Best job site for IT contract jobs

  • Jobserve
    • Jobserve is best for contract jobs. It has a focus for contract / freelance work within the IT space, but also covers other sectors including finance jobs, sales jobs etc.
    • You are able to register your CV (Curriculum Vitae / resume) – however be careful how long you leave it live on here as this can impact your personal brand.
  • LinkedIn
    • Not so good for contract positions. However has a global focus and you will find contract / freelance positions on here.
  • Elance
    • Purely freelance. Focussed towards the Gig economy.
    • This site is for those looking mainly for remote / home based work.
    • Works on the basis of you bidding on a “project”.
    • Work varies from a couple of £’s through to professional levels.
  • peopleperhour
    • As with Elance –
    • Purely freelance. Focussed towards the Gig economy.
  • Indeed
    • Indeed is a Job Aggregator. This means that is “scapes jobs from a number of jobsites and recruitment sites and presents them all under one roof.
    • Very convenient for searching via multiple sources all under one roof.
    •  You are also able to advertise for positions without needing to go outside of indeed.
    • However this is not purely for contract / freelance jobs. I estimate there to be 70% focus towards permanent.

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