How to get a job in recruitment

Recruitment can be a great career path for individuals who want the ability to earn in relation to the efforts they put in.

Commonly confused with HR or Customer Support, a career in recruitment if fundamentally a sales career. It will give you perhaps the most challenging sales path you could wish for due to the fact that your “product” is highly dynamic!!

Many recruitment businesses will hire trainee’s and there is very little barrier to entry. However there is a very high failure rate for trainees – perhaps 50% industry wide. This means that it is ultra important that you seriously think about the career and the company that you join before hand. Success or failure will be fundamentally down to you!

Some example questions to ask before you join:

How much training will I get?

What will the format of the training be?

How “warm” will my desk be?

What is your attrition rate for trainees?

How will I be measured (If KPI’s ask for detail on these).

How quickly can I get promoted?


Many recruitment businesses will give you a flavour of what it is like to be “inside” their business and so this is a good place to look to start to understand the culture, environment and social elements of the business – Example

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