How to work with Recruiters

Recruitment consultants can be invaluable in your search for your next career, but only if you know how to handle them! Here are some tips:

Research: Make sure the consultant(s) that you chose to work with actually has a presence in your market. Talk to them and find out what sort of positions they hire for, challenge their knowledge of the skills that your sector possesses.

Select: Don’t register with too many (I recommend no more than 3). However feel free to apply some time pressure and if you are not getting results, de-register and find a replacement.

Meet: Face to face meeting is well worth the effort – it shows your commitment and allows you to test theirs. You tend to find a recruiter will work harder for someone they have met than not.

Chase: Recruiters have many “candidates” – don’t take it personally if they dont chase you, you are going to need to stay in touch.

Keep a track: A professional recruiter will never send your CV anywhere without your knowledge, however not all of them are professional. Make sure you always know were your CV is going – failure to do this will impact your personal brand negatively!

Be honest – Give your genuine feedback on services, interviews etc – you will find you get a much clearer view on what is actually going on for you.

When you find a good recruiter, you will invariably build a relationship. This should not stop when they place you in a position, you will find that this relationship can be mutually beneficial throughout your career.

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